Crazy Raymond , born Raymond John Tabano on December 23rd. 1946 in the Bronx NY. Musician and founding member and original rhythm guitarist of the super group AEROSMITH.

Raymond played in various bands as a teenager in Yonkers. The Dantes’ was the original group he played bass guitar in, then there was The Tea Set, which didn’t work out so Raymond and former band members reformed The Dantes’.  Some of the band members went on to College and the band eventually broke up. Raymond then started playing rhythm guitar in a group with Steven Tyler who at the time was the drummer. William Proud was the name of this band and it would be the last band that Steven Tyler would play drums in, he had decided that it was time for him to become a “front man”. A childhood lifelong friend of Steven Tyler, they decided to start Aerosmith after the William Proud band was about to go bust. Raymond was opening a Leather goods on Newbury St. in Boston so they decided to start the “new” band there. Steven had met a musician in New Hampshire by the name of Joe Perry, who along with his bass player Tom Hamilton moved to Boston, took up residency at 1325 Commonwealth Ave. and started looking for a drummer.

Along came Joey Kramer an acquaintance of Raymond’s from Yonkers. He walked into Raymond’s shop “The Yellow Cow” one day and asked if Raymond could get him an audition with the newly forming band. Raymond did and the rest is history.

Raymond played with the group for the first year and a half and then left due to his uncommitted attitude. “I just didn’t give a flying Shit “. He moved up to Maine to live on a commune in a small town called Brooks Maine with some friends from his home town of Yonkers NY. After Aerosmith got signed and recorded their first album Steven called Raymond and asked him to come back to work with the Band, he refused. 1 year later Steven called again, by this time Raymond had grown tired of “living in the woods”, and moved back to the Bean Town. Steven had told him he missed their friendship and wanted him around again. Raymond came back to work for the band. His first job, travel and hang with the boys. What a country!

Raymond spent the rest of the decade (the 1970’s) working the backstage area, redesigning the logo to what it is today, starting the merchandising empire, that he ran out the band’s headquarters, “The Wherehouse “ that Raymond researched, planned and built for the group. He also began the first Aerosmith fan club “Areo knows “.  During that period Raymond developed the first merchandise flyer placed inside a Rock album “Draw the line”. It was a smash success and launched the Aerosmith mail order business and it’s merchandise sales line of products. All in all Raymond established  some serious and long lasting  concepts that the industry stills utilizes today.

Always the musician at heart Raymond started to manage and produce a few bands in Boston. He managed 2 different variations of “The Streets” and started a production and merchandise company. However, the stress and pressures of the Rock & Roll biz took it’s toll, and after years of abuse Raymond had to leave Boston in the 80’s after being divorced from his high school sweetheart wife and giving up all he had accomplished. Moving back to his hometown of Yonkers NY, he began to begin from the beginning again. After bouncing around for about 4 years he got himself straightened out, received a Culinary degree from the French Culinary Institute and started a career in Manhattan as a Hotel Chef. It only took a few years before the music called him back again, and Raymond formed Crazy Raymond & the Watchdogs with some musicians he knew from Yonkers. The band toured the New England region for 3 years playing at local clubs and concert halls including Mama Kins in Boston, then owned by Aerosmith. Steven Tyler came onstage with the group and played some songs that he and Raymond had performed in Areosmith together. Crazy Raymond put out 2 products during this time. A single and a 5 song CD. Raymond remarried and decided to pursue his cooking, started a catering company and began to do nothing except food related endeavors.

Fast forward to the present, the MUSIC’s calling once again, so here we go...

Crazy Raymond’s back in the studio, putting a new band together. He’ll be recording some new songs, along with some revised classic Crazy Raymond tunes. Steven Tyler has committed to throwing the dog a bone and will be playing on a cut or 2. Crazy Raymond is looking to get on the road and have product around the beginning of the summer of 2012.


“Treat your women right”
Crazy Raymond